GREG - An AFI Thesis Film (Official Trailer)

In this charming dark comedy, a man struggles with agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder and clinical depression. Oh, and his fiancée is dead. When an outgoing young woman moves in down the hall, she may just be the one to force him out of his misery.



"Parenthood" actress Monica Potter talks about her new career as a rapper.

Screenwriting: A Love Story

A young screenwriter attempts to write Hollywood's next best screenplay -- by stealing from her favorite movies. Executive Produced by Karen Murphy ("Waiting for Guffman") and Leslie Bohem (Creator of Steven Spielberg's Emmy-winning mini-series, "Taken").


A man confronts a girl who unfriended him on Facebook.

ENDINGS: Charlie & Mandy

Charlie's reaction to a student's paper sparks a heated debate with his girlfriend, Mandy. ENDINGS is a completely improvised webseries featuring different couples who reach a pivotal moment leading to their break-up. More episodes coming soon.